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Please watch this I’m in tears


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i laughed so hard for a long time with this. oh god people, people, people…

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I ship this more than I ship Tan & Eun Sang. Tell Me I’m not the only one,

You are not the only one. 

I see this moment in my head a lot. He is the master of the “lean in.”

With Young Do, he’s all about unbalancing her and getting her attention by any means possible, so behold the constant space-invading and closing the distance between them - the hand holding, tripping and catching, declaration of being friends (and then cancelling that when it was clear friendship was not what he wanted), eating together, convenience store meet ups, waiting and dropping in at her work place - which you know, if Young Do was an emotionally stable and healthy young man who knew what to do with feelings from the beginning, would’ve worked out fine as getting to know you/courtship —-

but we have KES, so we can’t have nice things.

This is precisely why I liked him. He wasn’t typical. I found his strange method of courtship quite fascinating. While I don’t condone bullying, I associated his actions with that annoying boy in grade school who pulled my braid and gave me wedgies because he liked me.

But then again I am not emotionally stable or healthy, so I am quite biased that way. XD

He was the nicest thing KES gave me.

having a bully reform is obviously not a bad thing - and it really was Woo Bin who made me tolerate Young Do’s childishness in the beginning, where I wanted to smack him more often than not for just going about everything in the worst way possible, because I definitely think with a different actor, I would have just hated him the whole way through - but WB’s nuances mixed in with the sheer freaking charisma he had really sold Young Do’s conflicted self to me. Like I understood why he became the way he did - didn’t condone his asshatness - but I understood it.

My problem with the scenario of the grade school kid pulling on the girl’s pigtails because he can’t express how he likes her, is that it almost always means it puts the burden of deciphering the boy’s actions on the girl, and that she has to find or excuse the boy’s behavior ‘oh because he likes you.’

Sometimes they did like you - but sometimes they didn’t and they really just were terrorizing misogynistic assholes. Being a teenager is hard enough, for a boy or a girl, I’m just tired of that trope that being a jerk to the person you have a crush on is okay and cute. 

Not that I wanted Heirs to be any longer than it turned out - but I think one of my major problems was the pacing of the different emotional arcs - KES spent all this time building up Young Do’s controlled recklessness - he clearly was the architect of his own misfortune, and none of his friends and people of his class were going to stop him - they were either afraid or enabled him - so his development and recognition of feelings/empathy/remorse via Eun Sang - but then she forgot to do the same for ES and KT - and saddled them with the stupidest love against all costs fated to be together crap. Emotionally it would have been true to ES’ initial character to reject both of them (because I agree with all of your points on why Kim Tan is the worst ever) and look out for number one, ie. herself, but instead Noble Idiocy infects everyone and I break things.

I’m not a poster child for mental health either, so I didn’t want my comment about ‘emotionally healthy and stable’ to sound dismissive or condescending. Darkness is in everyone, and I did find Young Do’s conflicted nature to be interesting, and Eun Sang’s resilient compassion one of the best things about her that KES managed to keep, it was just frustrating from a story point of view that YD’s behavior made him look like the little kid who was purposefully stirring shit up because KES failed to make her protagonists compelling together.

It would have been so much more interesting if the ‘good girl’ (though I think ES is more than that) became attracted to the bad boy in the process of learning about human feelings instead of the Nice Guy (who of course is not all that nice.)

Your analysis at the end is amazing and perfect.  YES YES YES!

YEAH!! i loved the way you put everything is awsome.

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